How to Use revIVer

REVIVER for Exercise and Physical Activity (Endurance Event, Crossfit WOD, Hot Yoga Class, etc.)

  • 30-60 Minutes Before Activity/Event: Take 1 capsule (2 capsules for endurance activities) with 12-16 oz of water.
  • During Activity/Event: If it will exceeds 1 hour, take 1 capsule every 30-60 minutes AFTER the first hour, with water to STAY HYDRATED!
  • After Activity/Event: Take 1-2 capsule with at least 16 oz of water!
  • Use up to ten (10) capsules daily.


How to Cure a Hangover with REVIVER

The best cure for hangovers is prevention. Start with REVIVER right before your first drink, and keep taking them as directed below to minimize the negative effects. *Remember that the best hangover cure is to minimize the number of alcoholic drinks you consume!

  • Before or With Your First Drink: Take 1 capsule (2 capsules if it’s going to be a more festive event) with 12-16 oz of water.
  • During Drinking: Take 1 capsule for every third (3) drink with 12-16 oz of water.
  • After Drinking/Before Bed: If you missed any previous doses, take those now with at least 12 oz of water PER EACH capsule!
  • The ideal number of REVIVER Electrolyte Tablets is 1 with your first drink, and one every third drink. Use up to ten (10) capsules daily. **Let’s hope you’re not going to drink enough to need this many 🙂


As a Dietary Supplement

  • Take 1-3 capsule daily, with 12-16 oz of water.